I imagine this may provoke some comments??

Yes, saw that somewhere recently - maybe on the FB page. Not my bag really.

But imagine how different the world would be now if Soichiro had gone with that company name.

‘You meet the nicest people on a Death Machine’.

about as much use as a chocolate teapot
correct me if I am mistaken but motorcycles are designed to be ridden
perhaps this is for the bearded brigade, or the Sloan rangers to pose with
me i like the stuff the Italians produce, it looks right and rides right

No front mudguard and an exposed alternator?
Where do I stow my tent (and Karen of course!)
It’s ain’t from 'round here is is :smiley:

Well yes a lot of custom bikes don’t make the most practical of things to ride but it would be a sad and boring world if we all liked the same things.
I do like those inverted levers, very nicely engineered.

Not even one…

I like custom - but I still want to feel like I could use it.

The bike looks to me a computer generated concept idea.If it is real i know it’s not practical but i would love to give it a blast at the festival of 1000 bikes.

For show only.

“It’s alright if it’s art.” :smiley:


I didn’t mean it doesn’t go - just not practical :smiley:


Sorry to be contrary but I love it.

It shows off a great deal of skill and imagination. OK I wouldn’t like to ride one (very far !!) but I’d love to have one in the garage or front room just to look at.
Standard Guzzis are 2 a penny, that’s why we tweak them.

If everyone had to be sensible people wouldn’t ride motorcycles.

Ural sidecar combo v death machine Guzzi special

I can guess which you’d prefer but for me it’s no contest I’m afraid, the special every time.

Funnily enough at Kempton today I talked with a friend who had completed recently the Exmoor trial on his Ural combination.
I was quite envious of his outfit, but would equally be happy to try out this custom.
Life’s too short too be hung up on one type, or make, of bike :smiley:

Agree, the ural does hold a fascination for me too, as does the special.

My dislike is a lovely old motorcycle which has been carelessly and thoughtlessly cut about, with little or no skill, a waste of a motorcycle.

The special from Death Machines may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is full of care and craftsmanship.

If we were all the same life would be so bloomin boring.

Don’t get wrong I admire the art & engineering, but that particular style just doesn’t float my boat I’m afraid, and I doubt I could sit on it. :smiley:

The Ural is VERY old fashioned but which makes it quite practical in many ways, for example the mudguards are big enough to actually work, plus mudflaps are added as standard (including one to protect the back of the gearbox!), layout of everything is olde worlde traditional & hence accessible, and it is THE most comfortable bike I’ve ever had. Soon as I sat on it at the dealer I thought bluddy hell yeah. :open_mouth:

Appendix: before the Ural came onto the radar, I was toying with the idea of maybe getting summat small & old I could do up.

Then the Ural seed-of-idea came along & I thought “Hello, I could have summat NEW & old, loike…”


As another Ural owner, I know which one I would spend my hard earned pennies on…But… I wouldn’t mind a go on the death metal thrash punk white riot of London, even though it would wreck my back. And I’d probably spill my cocoa as well.


:laughing: :laughing: from over here too

All this talk of Urals, I though the forum had been hijacked by Mr Putin’s nice young men. I had a bad case of the urals once but the doctor prescribed some cream that soon cleared it up! :wink: