Condensation in idiot lights

I have noticed that I have some condensation in part of the instrument panel where the idot lights are; Think this was caused when the bike was valeted and they used a pressure washer.

Has anyone had this before, if so what did you use to dry it out?


This is a favourite of many CARC owners, the instrument pod can be dismantled but there is a risk of breaking the little plastic tabs. The usual cure is to carefully drill 2 X 3mm holes at the lowest point each side of the pod, do not let the drill go more than a couple of mm beyond the inner surface. This allows any moisture to drain and stops condensation.

What Duffo said but also known as a “feature”

My Breva 1100 is on its second set of clocks and I did a pre-emtive strike on it when I got the bike to improve the ventilation.

SO FAR it looks like it’s working but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m disappointed somewhere down the line

In your case I think I’d take them off and stick them on the airing cupboard for a week - It wont hurt and might fix things

If the water stays in it can trash the electronics which cost mega pounds to fix

PS - lots on the 'tinterweb so a good search and read will be a good thing (Check the Aprillia forums too - essentialy the same clocks with the same issues)

My Breva 1100 suffered and the idiot lights failed one by one. I sent it to Carmo in the Netherlands who resurrected it to original.
Alas the lights went out again, Carmo replaced the inferior original MG type lights ( their words ) with a modern durable items at no cost.
Real service and I would advise using them if you have wet problems after drilling the holes.
You may also achieve the same result by putting two small slots across the corners with a dremmel.

Motorcycle news road tested the Indian Chief ; Triumph Thunderbird ; Harley Roadking & the Guzzi California.
All good bikes but the complaint with the Guzzi was misted clocks & headlights.
All the newish Guzzis seem to have this problem ; there is no water protection between the plastic 'chrome ’ outer bezel
& clear instrument lenses.
If you get any Winter sunshine get the bike out of the garage & let the sun get to the clocks for as long as possible.
Sounds too simple but it keeps it in check & stops the ‘build-up’.