Condensation in speedo fixed but.........

Afternoon all, just back from a romp around Spain on my Griso, now 14 months old. Just before I left the dealer replaced the original dashboard due to condensation making the information at the bottom of the wind unreadable. I had expected the new unit to have the original mileage added, but this was not the case, so I now have the annoying SERVICE warning as it thinks it’s passed the 600 mile service.Can anyone tell me if the deal should be able to change the mileage to match the original miles before I take it back in? I know they informed DVLA, but I’d rather have it with the correct mileage shown.It behaved well and I’m still struggling to believe that the bike that would always flash the fuel warning light between 100 - 110 miles will now do !30 miles before flashing me the warning. I think that should give me a range of 150 and I’m happy with that.It’s a pity that the timing clashed with the Pennine Branch event in Settle, I’d have like to have been there.Andy

I don’t know about Guzzi, but when the digital dash failed on my BMWGS12 at 2 years old with about 12000 miles showing, the new replacement that Williams fitted was calibrated with the miles that the original had.

I have a feeling they can’t. Why not give them a ring first? You can reset the service light yourself. Just go to the menu, go into diagnostics, enter the service code and you can reset the service light.
Brian UK2013-06-15 22:57:14

For future reference, this document, courtesy of Guzzitech, might help.The same problem can arise in all the CARC models, though you might not want to attempt any repair on a bike under warranty.

Thanks guys, that’s really useful. I’ll re-set the service code and call the dealer about calibrating the mileage, but it looks unlikely that I’ll be able to achieve this. I’ll post with the reply.Andy

Service code sorted and I now know that the Diagnostics dialogue contains the switch between miles and kilometers. Thought there would be one somewhere; too late for the last rip but next time I’ll switch over when I touch continental shores.

Interesting, as I had the dealer look at mine whilst in for service before it came out of warranty and told there wasn’t a known problem. And the service symbol has come on too since.

Go into the diagnostics menu and see what fault codes is present.