Contemplating a Griso - a few questions

I’ve recently had to part company with my Aprilia Futura - despite nearly 7 years of happy, trouble-free riding, it was no longer the bike for me: an accumulation of worsening back problems (7 damaged discs, arthritis, scoliosis, stenosis), and their negative effects on my legs, had made it too top-heavy for comfort and confidence.

I bought a '96 Cali 1100i six months ago - I’d wanted a Cali for over 30 years - and I’ve greatly enjoyed the different riding experience it’s provided. And I’m especially taken with how it carries it’s greater weight - although it’s 40-plus kg. heavier than the Aprilia, it doesn’t feel it.

However, it’s a little lacking in urgency, after the Aprilia. I’d like a bike (to complement the Cali) with a little more get-up-and-go - or ‘thrutch’ as we called it in my early biking days in West Yorkshire. But it will have to be a bike with a relatively low centre of gravity.Â

Does the Griso fit this description?Â

Does anyone here ride a Griso with lowered pegs? Had them on the Aprilia - bit of arthritis in the knees.

Fiinally, are there any owners in my area (Cleobury Mortimer, South Shropshire) who’d be kind enough to let me have a look at and sit on their bike?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Martin,

There has been a disappointing lack of replies to your post. You might want to try the “Which motorcycle should I get?” section. With regard to your question, I ride a Stelvio which has the same motor as the Griso (although the mapping may be different) and can confirm it has plenty of “thrutch”. Should be even more smile inducing in the lighter Griso. The Stelvio certainly does not fulfil your other criterion as it has a very high centre of gravity which can make it a handful at low speeds or when you are pushing it about. Come on Griso owners! Help Martin out!



Hi Martin, there are other options rather than the Griso, the 1200 sport and the Bellagio have much “thrutch” and can be set up for comfy riding.
Cheers, Gerry.

Hi Martin. Like you, I’ve owned a Cali type (Convert) Guzzi for many years, and always having a more rapid bike as a stable mate. These have usually been BM GS’s. But a few years ago I thought I’d give a carc Guzzi a try, so became the proud owner of an 07 black griso 1100. Gorgeous looking bike, but I soon realised I needed lower pegs, I’m 6 foot tall with 34 inside leg, and got nasty cramps behind my knees. I fitted a pair of Knight Design alloys I bought on ebay, and it was quite a revalation, the extra inch, as they say, made all the difference.
All was good for a while, but at the same time I was running my Buell Uly, and after riding that and then getting on the Griso I found I couldn’t do with the high revs that the Griso needed to make progress, I was constantly looking for 7th gear, whearas the Buell is long legged with a mere 5 gears. So when one had to go it was no contest despite the Griso being by far the nicest bike to look at…

However if you do go for a Griso and fit the lowers pegs you’ll find that although the gear pedal has plenty of adjustment to line up with the lower peg, the brake lever doesn’t. Ok, it’s got a small eccentric at the end of the pedal, but that’s nowhere near enough. This was my solution, a 4mm thick stainless link, an inch between hole centres.

I ran an '06 Griso for a few years but failed to get on with it. Gorgeous bike but slow and appalling fuelling/drive line shunt at low speeds in town.
I believe/presume that the later bikes with the four valve heads should pretty much address both of these issues. If you are at all tall in the leg you will feel a bit jockey like perched on it with the std. pegs. If fitted a Buell type that moved them around 3/4" down, didn’t look much but felt a lot better. Can’t remember how I did it but managed this without recourse to serious bodging of the brake pedal - maybe I just didn’t use it?