Convert Fuel Gauge Sender Seal

Does anyone know the part number for the seal where the fuel gauge sender screws in to the petrol tank on a Convert please?

Its 90 71 42 85, CheersJames
James2013-10-15 13:59:57

Thanks James

The fuel gauge sender unit is in the Convert parts book - strangely enough in the Lighting and Horns page, not the Fuel tank and bodywork page! Not the most obvious location!

Took the electric pet cock off mine when it failed(It was BUILT as a convert but had a gearbox on by the time I adopted it) Looked inside replaced it with a standard petrol tap, THAT electric one looked more like a fuse for something likely to go BANG !!!

I have also removed the electric petcock but I’d like to keep the fuel level sender because it is useful and it plugs a 28mm hole

Look here owners manual and workshop manual for Convert and most other Guzzi