Convert / G5 Silencers

Hi all,
Has anyone had any recent experience in purchasing and fitting new silencers to a Convert or G5? I haver checked out TLM, Stein Dinse and Gutsibits and none of them can supply standard silencers. some sell a Lanfranconi silencer which close to the original except it has a slash cut end similar to the latest 1400 California at 750.00 Euros each they are not cheap. there is a also a Busso silencer for sale at about 490.00, however these don’t have all the cut outs in them and I guess they are generic and will not tuck in so closely to the frame as the originals. Any comments or suggestions or experience on other types would be appreciated.

Phil do some for the T3 Cali, they should be similar fitting. I doubt they make their own and are probably just selling something made by an other manufacturer, Armours or Keihan maybe? Looking at the Keihan images, I would guess it is there’s they sell.

Phil,I am awaiting delivery of pair from Muzzi Moto; stainless copies of the oem part. They are due this week, I’ll let you know how they are.

Looking at pictures of Convert & G5, the T3 ones should fit? I had Armour’s stainless ones, they were OK.

Mike, how good were the Armours ones? My T3 silencers have just arrived from Muzzi Moto. They look nice but I have to say I’m somewhat disappointed for £500. Where the tapered front section meets the parallel body there is a pronounced bulge. I don’t know if that’s the best that can be done with stainless as I’m no welder. On closer inspection of the ones in their eBay listing, they also have a bit of a bulge at the join. Am I being too picky? Probably look fine on, hidden by the panniers.

Dear Mr Bacon,
I have a pair of Armours silencers on my 850T, and I am very happy with them. They fitted easily and make a great sound ( but not loud ). However, they have a deep cut-out where they pass under the shock absorbers, which you may not like.

Hi Richard, Glad to hear that the Armours silencers are good but annoyed with myself for somehow missing them on their website :blush: The oem ones have a cut out below the shocks as well. I’ve been out on the old girl today and they are fine. No point being too anal :smiley:

Sorry for the late reply, been away - was quite a while ago when I got mine, 1989 I think - I think the welds were a bit on the rough side but it’s tricky to weld stainless so I’m given to understand. They weren’t going to rust, and that’s all I cared about! And they survived years of studied neglect afterward. :smiley:

Good tidy welding on stainless steel is possible, I have worked with a couple of really brilliant welders who can weld stainless steel very neatly and then grind and polish the welds so they appear seamless. However this is not the norm.

I hear ospipes are very good, built to order