Convert Hydraulic Lines

Does anyone know where I can get my Hydraulic pipes (for the torque converter) replaced at a reasonable cost?After my shake down ride last night I returned home and Connie was emptying her life blood all over my floor. One of the hydraulic hoses (a replacement with dodgy swaged ends) was leaking from one of the ends where the pipe joins the metal pipe before the banjo.As my bike is booked in for its mot I whizzed off to the nearest hydraulic hose place and they are making a proper one, but it’s costing the best part of £60.As she might be going to France next month I thought it might be time to think about changing the others too, but £60 a pop is a bit too much for my liking.I don’t suppose anywhere will be in striking distance of Helston, so it’ll have to be a postal job.On the other hand if anyone has a set of hoses they would like to sell me…

jmee542014-08-21 19:38:39

I used Bike Torque Racing Frome Somerset recently , three front lines with stainless ends and stainless banjo bolts £65 + p&p, excellent job talk to Paul. Will try and find their number, i sent my old ones as patterns as i have done away with the front to rear coupled braking on my Le Mans . Good luckcontactLemon22014-08-21 16:43:15

The pipes I want are for the Torque converter, not brake pipes.

Pipes is pipes…no special ‘magic’ in the T/convert ones…


There is one point to watch - the thick pipe from the fluid tank to the pump inside the front engine case. This has a thick wall because it is subjected to negative pressure (i.e.: suction). An ordinary pipe might collapse in on itself here, even though it can resist a high positive pressure.

The thick pipe is a internal…different animal…I presume the OP is talking the ‘outside ones’ as they are the ‘problematic’ ones

Don’t they need to withstand any pressure? The ends are pretty well fastened on, on the originals too. Surely any old bit of pipe and a jubilee clip isn’t going to be man enough. Wouldn’t want it to go pop in the back waters of France.Any answers?jmee542014-08-24 14:16:42