Convert loss of drive

Can anybody suggest why a Convert my friend has purchased isn’t pulling properly? The auto box oil seems to get over hot and the bike loses drive. It apparently had new gearbox seals 2 years ago and a new oil radiator core.

We have checked out what seems to be the usual suspect – the hex drive to the ATF pump, and all seems ok. The spring on the pressure switch is 5mm shorter than the 38mm long it should be and there is a spacer missing. We will sort the pressure switch out and also install a pressure gauge and he will replace the oil with AeroShell 41.

Thoughts? Perhaps the torque converter has just had enough at what appears to be 60,000 km?

The Convert is abit of an unusual beast and there may not be a lot of specialist knowledge on the forum. If you are on Facebook, I would suggest joining “The Gearless Guzzi Group” and asking on there.

Many thanks - we’ll give that a go.