Convert Transmission Fluid

There seems to be a lot of different automatic transmission fluids out there - can any convert owners suggest which is a good one (spec/brand) to use please? The bike has a tendency to creep forward at tickover (set low) and I’m wondering if grade of fluid could help correct this?
Thanks Norman Normski2012-08-24 21:13:06

Isn’t it normal for autos to creep at idle with the brakes off? All the auto cars I’ve had do. Pretty sure Convert is no different. Changing fluid won’t help, if it’s that thin it won’t drive properly either.

If you think it’s excessive could be your tick-over speed is a tad too high, but then again, don’t wanting it conking out all the time if too low.

This is why Convert needs a neutral, which I believe it doesn’t have, so there’s a manual clutch instead.

Fair enough but I need to change the fluid anyway and Guzziology warns against using a Ford specific one (so not all are ATF’s suitable) hence I’m hoping for guidance from a Convert owner as to what they’ve used successfully. Normski2012-08-24 21:13:48

Justabof is probably your man to speak to. He had a Convert for a good while.

Any “Dexron III” ATF, which should be backwards-compatible with the Dexron 1 which was actually specified by Guzzi. Castrol Transmax is pretty good - and easily available from Halfords etc.
Higher specs like Dexron 6 are proabably not appropriate (but I stand to be corrected if anyone knows better).
Dexron is a General motors specification - so not for Fords!

Bearing in mind Convert is an old design as well, so must have simpler requirements compared to more recent times I would have thought
Mike H2012-08-25 12:30:00

I used Dexron, (II I think.) However, the comment about not using Ford-spec may not apply, because the difference in the ATF specs relates to friction modifiers in the mix.
This is only relevant if you have brake bands (like in a car auto gearbox.) The ATF in the Convert only acts as a medium to transfer power within the torque converter.
Probably best to stick with what Guzzi recommend, or at least, the modern equivalent.

Creeping forward at tickover is normal. Don’t use the clutch to disengage drive, just hold the brake on. Holding the clutch in will only wear out the release bearings etc (same as with a ‘normal’ gearbox.)
I think that the clutch in a Convert actually started life in a smaller capacity bike, which is ok because it’s not designed to be slipped like on a ‘normal’ bike.justabof2012-08-26 10:03:49

Does seem like that doesn’t it? I think you’re right, use the brake, I believe the clutch is a safety feature in that you have to pull it to start it (clutch switch), so that it doesn’t roar off up the road by itself or into next door’s garden at 3,000 rpm when you do.

How are you planning to change the fluid? Just draining the tank will only remove a small portion of the fluid. If you want a complete fluid change you have to remove the torque converter. Not a job for the faint hearted. Over twenty years of Convert ownership I’ve replaced the fluid twice during complete stripdowns. If you have no leaks it never requires topping up.And yes, creeping forward is normal, it’s impossible to set the tickover low enough to stop this. On the flat just feet on the floor is enough to stop it, downhill just apply a little brake.