Hi guys. I have been keeping my eye out for the last few month on nuovo falcones and converts. Got a question on the converts. How does the clutch and the high low gears work. Ive seen a few articles which contradict each other one says that you use the clutch just for starting and you can change between 1st and 2nd on the go if you need to and the other says to leave in high and always stop beforw you change gear as will ruin gearbox otherwise. Anyone care to explain it to me

Thanks steve

Never ridden one myself. I understand you don’t need the clutch to set off. Just put it in gear at tickover (whichever one you want), open the throttle and off you go. I would guess low is for town and high is for out of town. If you are on Facebook, there is a Gearless Guzzi group dedicated to them.
If you happen to have a good Guzzi outfit, there is someone in the club wanting to do a swap for his Convert.

Thanks for the reply, i will check out the fb group

The Convert That I have for sale has 66000 miles on the clock and has no issues as far as I can tell, if I need the low ratio I just pull in the clutch and change as normal, the only time I have needed low ratio is starting on a very steep hill.
A great touring m@chine and so relaxing to ride.