Hi guys. I have been keeping my eye out for the last few month on nuovo falcones and converts. Got a question on the converts. How does the clutch and the high low gears work. Ive seen a few articles which contradict each other one says that you use the clutch just for starting and you can change between 1st and 2nd on the go if you need to and the other says to leave in high and always stop beforw you change gear as will ruin gearbox otherwise. Anyone care to explain it to me

Thanks steve

Well with no-one else chiming in, have you seen this?

I’ve no experience with the bikes but note that in there it talks of not shifting gears on the move. Really?

Right, I’ve owned a Convert for 30 odd years now, the answer to your question is yes and no…
First off, yes, you are supposed to start the bike with the clutch pulled, but in practice, as you get used to it you don’t bother. It comes naturally not to blip the throttle after starting. I always keep a brake on when starting the bike while I’m sat astride it.

Regarding changing ratios, on the few occasions I need to change out of high, yes I change on the move. If you’re going mountain climbing or do lots of city driving it makes sense to keep it in low ratio from the start. But if you’re in high ratio and plan on a quick overtake, obviously it’s not practical to stop and change ratios…!
It’s all a matter of matching engine speed to road speed, just like a manual bike, with practice it’s seamless and quiet and won’t harm the gearbox.