Copyright and uploading content.

Hi Team,
Interesting notes here on copyright exception (in effect exemption).
Scroll down a few paragraphs and there is a list of cases where images can be copied.
I’m not legally qualified and so have contacted a couple of publishers to confirm that we are in the clear with copying images for non-profit use.
Have fun

Very interesting, but as said very difficult to police. I usually take the view that anything I put on the net can be grabbed. If it can be displayed on screen, then it can be copied.

The 'exemptions ’ relate to very limited use for private study and non commercial research or limited education purposes an a couple of more obscure areas
Nothing under the terms of Fair Dealing in copyright law allows a copy of an image to be posted on a forum or website
Using an image without the copyright owners permission exposes the club.
Posting a simple URL that leads to an image is ok

Cheers Jim, thanks for the clarification.
All the best