Corbin seat

Not sure if this should be in the technical section. I’ve replaced the rear shocks on my V7iii stone and the handling is much better but the bike is less comfortable. I’ve turned down the damping and it’s a bit softer but I’m now thinking of getting a Corbin seat. Anyone have any experience of these?

Hi Gary, Replacing the rear shock-absorbers was the first (of many…many), improvements I have made to my 2015 V7II Stone … I’d also bought another seat when I purchased the bike … and they have both been re-upholstered and re-covered … Both are great … You don’t say which area you are in. I could highly recommend the services of two long established small outfits if you like … One in Preston, and one in Huddersfield … But, I am sure there will be many on here, in all regions who will have their own favourites … How far do you want to travel …? Hope this helps a little … Regards, Tony