I have a friend that rides a 2008/9 1100 Califonia with chromed spoked wheels the front tyre needed replacing, when we removed the tyre the amount of corrosion around the screw heads of the spokes had to be seen to be believed I am not talking about a bit of slight rust but really heavy rust scale that had eaten into the wheel .
The bike has only done about 8,000 miles the rear tyre is to be changed on Monday I hope we don’t find the same problem but if we do does anyone know if mag wheels are available that will fit.

any of the California EV wheels from 1997 onwards should fit The early EV had alloy rims and stainless spokes which were laced to the outside edge so run tubeless tyres. The other option is to have the original hubs rebuilt using stainless spokes and rims. Central wheels near Birmingham are very good The earlier wheels from the California built before 1997 will not fit as the discs and calipers were different I also think the wheel spindle size changed

Regards Keith

Many thanks for the information.