Couple of things to check? Stelvio/Griso

Fitted some shorty levers to my Stelvio tonight.
Pretty straightforward, other than having to make a replacement pushrod for the Clutch!

 Didn’t notice the locking Grub-screw under the accumulated Grease/dirt, so just ground out the locking adhesive, and unscrewed it.
The threads were chewed, so I machined up a new one from a 6mm Stainless Allen Screw.

 While fitting the Brake lever, I found that the upper Throttle Cable was very close to getting caught behind the lug that operates the Brake Light Switch, when the Brake lever was fully back (i.e Brake hard on).
Not sure if it could actually get fully stuck behind it or not, but I Ty-Wrapped the Cable to the Loom just in case.
Could be nasty though if your Brake got stuck on!
Might be worth checking yours. Worth doing just to stop the Cable chafing on the Lug I reckon.

 Another thing I found, was that the left Throttle adjuster fitting (below the Body) was rubbing on the Starter Motor Cover, at ¾ to full Throttle.
If the cover was damaged in any way, like if it had a crack there, it’s just about possible that the Throttle could jam wide open, not nice.

 I heated the offending area with a Hot Air gun, and reshaped it so there’s now clearance.
 Again, might be worth checking yours.

Not sure if these apply to the Griso also . . . Â