crank puller/extractor

Hi I need to get the flywheel off of my Co-Uno. I have looked on the internet but without success. The size of the puller is 18.5mm and a metric fine thread. I bought a bicycle puller for my stornello but it is too big for the co-uno flywheel. The pullers that I have seen on the internet for push bikes are a universal size and too big for my needs. Does anyone know where I could get the right puller?

Hi SH, that is one wierd thread size, best bet might be to find a die of the right size and thread some bar and a plate to make up your own.

Hi Duffo
I have managed to locate one on the internet .The co-uno shares the same engine as a Benelli 125 of the same period so i got in touch with a dealer in Germany and ordered one from them.