Crank sensor

Does the 2011 Cali Vintage use a crank sensor and if it’s a good idea to carry a spare, where can you get one. As I have searched the spares suppliers and the internet to no avail and Gambalunga have said someone used to advertise them. Anyone know who this was as I have no back issues?lolpeacock2014-01-01 14:56:20

Mel Robinson use to sell them I think he still does but I don’t have a up to date phone number, He use to own Moto ecosse but they shut down during the recession. A genuine and really nice bloke, and very knowledgeable about Fuel injection. Use to live near Glasgow
hope this is some help Keith

Thanks. Just sent him a message.

Didn’t Rogershuff carry a spare before he sold his cali ?..guykate2014-01-01 21:46:25

One of the main issues with crank sensors is they pick up swarf from the engine.
Pop it out every service and give it a wipe

Have you looked at this thread?

Thanks for the info Brian

McFuzzi had problems with this a while back