crank triggered ignition

Info needed, anyone running a crank triggered ignition?
Will need to get one for the latest project, any recommendations? Pro’s or con’s?
1100i cali motor, Ducati type alternator, will be fitting 40mm carb’s, (modified the manifolds), any info appreciated,

See RallyeJakes post on Spada carb problems. He’s just fitted one.
I run the Newtronics (Wot was Piranha) on my Spada and find that works well. It is purely a light trigger that goes in the old distributor, and retains the old mechanical bob weights.

Cheers Don,
Got the Newtronics system in the 1000s, (much better than the points)
I need a crank mounted type, looks like there are a couple of types, just wondering which one to go for, both made in Germany by the look of them

I just fitted a Sachse unit - simple to fit and set up, bought direct from Sachse the timing is as sorted as i will ever need, has 9 maps to take in differing set ups. As a side note i used a Sachse set up on my old BMW airhead which was my travel bike for many years it never let me down on travels across Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe etc, the bike was used all year round as well as used off road and in river crossings , I know another lad that ran the same unit on his R100gs sidecar on a 22000 round the world trip, it was almost fault free however he did have an issue as he had not used locktite on the crank end disc grub screws (it does not tell you too but i did and would say to do so) and it worked loose a touch during the very harsh trip and riding conditions, put it right at the side of the road in 10 mins, he is still running the same unit on the bike 5 years on now. Shame the owner of Sachse died in an bike accident a few years back but the company carried on by his wife and family. I can fully recommend the ignition.


Cheers Jake, :smiley:
That is exactly what I need, what coils did you use?

Phil i used the standard coils, as my bike is fully standard. you can leave the wiring in place to reuse the points if you have any concerns so then you have a full fallback set up already in place.