Crash bars 2023 v7 stone special

Ok I’ve found three types for cylinder head protection. In no particular order 1:- bolted to cylinder head. on my model just 2 forward bolts holding rocker cover on.
2:- standard type. On my model. 1 bolt under headstock in horn bracket bolted to the voltage regulator between font fork tubes… 1 bolt at engine mounting bolt bracket.
3:- under the exhaust header pipe. Bolted only to the front down tubes at the tubes joint with lower down tube 2 bolts.
Now number 3 is the cheapest at around £60. 2&1 are both around £250.
I can’t find anything other the type 1 on the Guzzi site for my model. Which makes my think that’s the type they recommend.
I’m sure the others do the job but I’m worried about possible frame damage if the bike is dropped at speed other then a zero mph lay down which Is basically what all crash bars are there to cover.
Any thoughts?

I’ve not bothered, replacement spark covers are about £30 and valve covers about £100. I’ve decided that if I low side it I’ll just replace the scratched parts. It’s likely that only the spark cover will get damaged.

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Yeh was kinda heading this way myself but wanted a few opinions to help decide
Thanks for your reply

I fitted Hepco and Becker crashbars as they have an additional mounting point compared to most of the others and brace across themselves too. They’re very sturdy and also seem to fit with the style of the bike in my eyes at least. The thing that confirmed thing for me was the YouTube review by a guy in the US who had inadvertently put them to a real-life test at 30mph and raved about them.

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I second that
fitted to my tin donkey from new
and recommended by the Guzzi
they also make the nice luggage racks


Recently placed an order for a pair of GIVI TN8202 engine bars that bolt onto the front down tubes. Not sure If this is the right way to go? Didn’t want to knock or scratch the valve covers.
In the event I dropped the bike would this result in the frame tube damage? If so, I will leave them off. Replacing valve covers is clearly easier than dealing with a distorted frame!!