Crem Racer?

Anyone please enlighten me as to what a Crem Racer is? click here

I think the seller is a dyslexic coffee racer!

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Just had a quick look. Nice bike. But what is it with ‘bikers’ of newish machines who desire and fit pressed black and white number plates? Just 'cause they want to be seen on a classic?

Yet when an active law enforcement officer pulls them over and issues a fine, they then moan about the police ‘having nothing else to do’.

Don’t pretend to be on a classic get a real one.


My 1974 Guzzi (first registered in 1976) can now wear a black and white plate legally, but I can’t be bothered to change the yellow one.

I thought the bike had to be made before 1973 to display classic plates. Being an apprentice pedant I was about to “put you right” but checking my facts, I am only an apprentice after all, it turns out a bike manufactured before 1980 with Historic classification can display black and white plates. But not silver or grey :grin:

As I understand it it, we changed to yellow plates in '73, so naturally at that point all vehicles already-on-the-road would have had the now ‘classic’ plates.

There does seem to be some conflicting views about vehicles registered up to 1980, but I think that relates to the 40 year rule regarding MoT and Vehicle tax exemptions by being placed into the Historic Tax class. I’ve just read this which cuts off the black/silver at 1973 with everything beyond clearly stated as black on white / yellow.

I’ve also seen some number plate vendor websites with inaccurate representation of the law.

I looked at this
INF104 - Vehicle registration numbers and number plates - GOV.UK
This was published in 2022 when 1980 would have been the cut off date for the Historic class roll-over. Earlier versions of the doc give corresponding earlier dates.
Its a legal oversight resulting from the original 40 year rule which related specifically 1973, I think, changing to a rolling 40 year rule. Originally it would make sense with 1973 machines having the classic plates but now its a bit bizarre.