Cush drive lubrication.

I’m in the process of reassembling my Le Mans III rear wheel Cush drive but I can’t seem to find much information on what grease to use and where. I’m thinking that I should coat the rubber buffer’s with a Silicone grease lubricant to keep them supple and prevent them from drying out and lubricating the drive boss and sleeve as well as the large friction washer and contact surfaces with an EP2 Lithium grease. (Actually I’m not sure if the friction washer should be lubricated at all, but I’m guessing it should be) Any opinions as to whether I’m on the right track or completely wrong will be much appreciated.

Cheers, Don.

Hi mate sorry bit late to pick up on this!
Dont know if im right or wrong but for years ive used “red rubber grease” on the cush drive rubbers just a light smear not gallons!.
As far as the drive shaft splines, crown wheel & pinion etc i used to use good old copperslip however the last time i did the t3 i moved on to the new ally- slip grease as it is supposed to lube better and not go sticky & clumpy like copperslip can in enclosed conditions!
not had any problems so far!.
Another good idea is if you get a workshop syringe you can detach one of the jubilie clips on the universal joint and squirt some 20/50 over it to help keep in nice and slippy and prevent rusting i do this once a year when i change the gearbox and diff oils and me u/j is still behaving its self after 62k miles.
If you ever have to take the swinging arm out id recommend replacing the u/j support bearing as it works hard and is nigh near impossible to get any lubricant onto effectively a sealed type bearing rather than the old open one is a good upgrade!.
Best of luck stay safe!

Thanks Steveras1957, I ended up spraying the rubbers with silicon spray and letting them soak for a few days, then I wiped them off and gave them a good coating of silicon grease, I also treated the new o ring the same. I sprayed silicon into the wheel space and onto the backside of the drive plate. I then greased the hub bushing and both sides of the fibre friction washer with EP2 lithium grease before reassembling the whole thing. I used EP2 lithium grease on the wheel splines as well as the drive shaft splines. It will all get stripped again over the winter months when it will get a new UJ and bearing.
I like your syringe idea, that’s a new one I must remember, I’ll definitely doing that :+1:
Cheers Don.

Hi Don
Sounds all good to me! lots of products out there these days to chose from! prevention is better than cure as me nan used to say! all good!.
stay safe!