Custom dash for a 'mock 1'

I’m toying with the idea of making a custom dash/instrument holder for my lemans 'mock 1’using the voltmeter and clock as well as the speedo and tacho.I know there isn’t a whole lot of room with the smaller fairing. Has anyone done this and if so any photographic evidence for inspiration? I know Gutsibits do a nice aluminium holder for both speedo and tacho but this wont fit my top yoke as I cut the lugs off(although I could make a bracket that fits the other lug for the plastic holder)…I just like the idea of keeping the clock and meter…little like the set up on a BMW R90S I guess.

I made one for my Cali III FF. I made the plug from MDF (primed and lacquered) then took a mould from it and made the dash shown in the photo in black GRP.

That’s a lovely piece of work, brilliant!It never ceases to amaze me what people on here can do.Regards,John

GTM that is a class bit of work buddy far better than the oem stuff …

Yes, that is very nice indeed!

That is quality!