Damper springs?

How difficult is it to remove the springs from the rear shocks? Mine are rusty on the inside and need fettling.

You realy need the spring compressor to safely remove them AND even more important to replace them. May be worth seeing if a local bike shop can do it for you if you don’t want the expence of buying a compressor.

Not nice should they spring apart when doing it. I put Hagons on mine far better than the Koni Dial a rides which I swore by for years.

I clean the springs and centre on mine without removing them using a cloth and Jizer to get rid of pits then Solvol, ripping an old sheet into strips works you can get it around all of the spring and centre


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I was looking at the Hagons, what’s the chrome like? I don’t know whether I like the black ones or the chrome. Quite like the shrouded ones too.The rust has gone right through the black finish on mine, they looked ok till I turned the spring round.

The springs are usually held in place by collets at the top. In the past I have been able to compress the spring enough to remove the collets, just by hand, holding the bottom of the shock in a vice.

Big screwdriver as a lever will usually allow you to comress the spring enough to get the collet out of the top. I have half shrouds on my Koni’s, look sort of classic style. You can also get fully shrouded

A basic spring compressor is about 20 pounds…and can be made up very cheaply with two pieces of threaded rod and plates.DO NOT try to strip them down without such a tool as the springs are under some compression and will ping…dangerously !!I fancy the Hagon Nitro’s but went with Ikon’s recently which are fine too.

If I took them apart with a big screw driver, getting them back together after making them all shiny new might be a problem.I am tempted to buy some new ones

There has been much discussion re shox in the past The Hagons on my V1000 have been on a few yrs now work far better than the Koni’s ever did, in my opinion and THAT includes when I was alot heavier, loaded for V Twin and two up and also now 12 stone lighter solo and 2 up and loaded.

The finish has lasted as good if not better than the Koni shox to be fair I bought these USED from Reboot as at the time needed to replace Konis …couldnt afford to get Konis rebuilt and got these as a stop gap and I am very very much impressed.

These are the chrome spring ones and the chrome is still good… the black has not rusted. all in all I reccomend them for the V1000