Dash board lights

Izzy’s Monza. Turn the key and there are no lights on the dash showing, turn lights on and you only get side light and at this point the generator light comes on as well as the light warning light. start the bike and it fires up fine but generator light is still on but now it is just glowing but if I put it into gear the generator light goes out but I still have no lights apart from park. horn and indicators still work fine.I have checked all earths and they are good, any ideas?Thanks Eddie.

Eddie Cox2012-05-11 17:54:46

Dirty / loose fuses / connectors, water ingress, etcetera … ?

Knackered switches?

The generator light can glow if the alternator brushes are dirty or worn

I would look at

earth lost on some it is a spade connector in headlamp

the connectors to he headlamp always worth giving them a “jiggle”

All new connections, bushes new but will have another look. Thanks.

Elektrical problems can be a nightmare to track down I would go looking for a dodgy or broken earth as the most likely cause. I had similar problems when I redid the front end on my Spada, turned out it was the earth wire to the headlamp. Caused all sorts of weird happenings. Try connecting a bit of wire to the frame somewhere and touch it on various earth points round the headlamp etc too see if it cures the problem.Have you done anything to the bike recently that might of disturbed a connection somewhere.Also have a good look at the block connectors under the tank if it is like the big block models. The ignition switch is another place to check connectionsDon-Spada2012-05-11 20:50:14

had this on a V50 and found everythig at the front was earthed to the securing bolt on the brake cylinder under the tank all sorts of wierd problems dependant on wether the front brake was applied (the cylinder was actually loose)

Well checked all connections and earth and all fine, now it would not be a problem with the brand new fuse box I have fitted would it? yes all this due to a damaged fuse box. Fuse box replaced and all working again, black magic this electric stuff.Thanks all for your help.

If something stops working, always go back to the last thing you did.
Like the guy on Guzzitech who did a service on his Norge, and afterwards it would only run on one cylinder.
Turned out he had set the valve clearances on that side on the wrong tdc, and consequently bent a valve.
Home maintenance can be very expensive.

I did that once, got a MAHOOSIVE rattle, like small-end gone, fortunately nothing was bent, readjust properly, OK!

These “new” connectors, not crimped on by any chance? The hassle I’ve had with some o’ them blue/red insulated ones…

You know the ones I mean …

The secret of those blue/red crimps is get a real good crimping plier, oh yes and check how to use them. I have seen more badly crimped terminals due simple to either a very cheap set of pliers OR using the wrong part of good ones.

Nowadays a quick internet search should give you the info you need.