Dave Minton R.I.P.

I was sorry to learn this week, from RealClassic magazine, that Dave Minton died during November 2022. I can’t claim to have known him well, but he was a great enthusiast for Italian bikes, and of course well known as a highly respected motorcycling journalist and also as a very fast, smooth rider on anything with 2 wheels and an engine.
I first met him getting on for 20 years ago, when I arrived to park my Lario outside the ‘Burton Bike Show’ (Burton upon Trent). An unknown bloke approached me, praised the bike, and suggested I move it inside the Hall to the individual displayed bikes area. Slightly puzzled, I nevertheless did so, and later found it had been given a ‘Highly Commended’ award by the Show Judge, who was Dave Minton - and was also the bloke who suggested I move it inside!
Dave subsequently acted as the very popular Show Judge for several years after that Show moved to Gresley Old Hall and was re-named the ‘Classic & Sporting Motorcycle Show’. Quite a few MGCGB members used to take part in this event, until the organising ‘Derbys & Staffs Classic Bike Club’ eventually folded (although a small remnant still meets informally).

Martin Churchill


Very sad news. I never met him, but loved his work. A very original, and amusing writer. We won’t see another like him any time soon. He will be missed.

Dave Minton was a proper old-school motorcycle journalist. I actually met him years ago while I was riding in Normandy (1100 Sporti) on a Three Cross promo free tour if you had just bought a new Guzzi. He was a modest man, and we enjoyed a hilarious evening in his company. We’ll miss his down to earth and authoritative writing.

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