Dave Myers Day (8-June)

Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere, but could find anything on the forum.

Si King and Dave Myers family appear to be planning a London to Barrow run on 8-June, in order to celebrate the life of Dave Myers. The route hasn’t been published as yet, but I was hoping to join this somewhere near to my home in Warrington, up to Barrow. They have created a Facebook page where others seem to be coming from all directions to join this.

Are the club planning to formally join this event? Or are the Cumbria branch planning on anything in Barrow? Just a thought. I will be going anyway, but would be even better to be riding with other Guzzi riders.

With a bit of luck, it will have finally stopped raining by June!


There was a ride of sorts last weekend I think…

2,000 to 3,000 bikers?

Reported in The Guardian… Apr 9th

The TV chef Si King has thanked those taking part in a memorial motorcycle ride in honour of [the late Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers, saying: “He would have loved it.”

Myers, who was part of the motorcycle-riding cooking duo with King, died from cancer in February at the age of 66.

In memory of the late TV star, motorcyclists from across the UK met up on Sunday morning to ride in a convoy to pay tribute and raise funds for cancer research.

A message from King was posted on the Hairy Bikers Instagram account on Sunday before the ride, alongside a photo of the motorcyclists at the initial meeting point.

The statement said: “I hope the ride out goes well for you all. Many many thanks for remembering Dave in this way. He would have loved it. Dave’s family, friends and I are really touched. Love to you all, be safe.”

The ride, organised by the group Biker Escorts East Yorkshire, began in Beverley marketplace in Yorkshire before moving through various North Yorkshire towns including Scagglethorpe and Pickering.

It was due to end in the seaside town of Scarborough in the afternoon.

A Facebook page for the event said the ride was to be marshalled and local police had been informed.

It also said they were expecting up to 3,000 bikes to take part, gauging by the interest expressed on the event page.

Born in Barrow-in-Furness, Myers gained a loyal following alongside King with their combination of riding to locations around the world and cooking as they went.

The pair won over viewers with their humour and enthusiasm. They filmed many cooking series and specials for the BBC, seeking out new dishes in countries such as India, Vietnam, Argentina and Mexico.

Their last series, The Hairy Bikers Go West, continued to air on BBC Two after Myers’ death.

In addition to their travelogue series, Myers also competed on Strictly Come Dancing and they published more than 25 cookery books.

Apparently there were 6000 bikes. I was one of the massive :slightly_smiling_face: It was amazing.

Wow!! I’ve been on a social ride with 176 bikes and a protest with 250…, but :astonished:!!

6000 bikes will be a thing to behold even if one is unable to participate. Last time I stuck a video camera on the local DGR, it took some 10-12 minutes for c.400 to pass by!


There were people waving and clapping all the way around even over the moors. There were some great pictures on social medial and on the local news. It took a good half hour to walk down the line of bikes on Scarborough prom.

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It seems that the route for the ‘Dave Day’ ride out on 8-June has been announced. Starting at the Ace Cafe, M40, M6, up to Barrow.

I will probably aim to join at Knutsford Services with the V1200 Sport. Any other local Guzzi riders care to join me?




thanks for this. not riding currently, but I do live near the M40 so I shall get myself onto a suitable bridge and marvel.

For those on facebook, there are details of the ride on there

Got myself out to a nearby M40 bridge to watch this pass by. Beyond count, disappointingly not one huge single convoy, but plenty of waving, beeping and flashing of headlights. A moving sight, particularly when one considers the reason. Lords, he’d have been moved beyond words.

Police estimates (reported) 45,000 by the time they reached Berwick.

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I would love to have joined the ride, but not allowed back on two wheels yet !but I did something productive in the workshop instead

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My son decided to join me last minute as pillion on the v1200 Sport. Met with some others in Warrington and rode together to Knutsford Services, one of the official joining points. Then with the main run up to Barrow in Furness.

Amazing day, with official count of over 46,000 bikes (not sure who was counting!!!). Dave Myers and Si King seem like two decent blokes, without the pretentious nonsense of other TV types. Was an honour to pay our respects to Dave this way!

Amongst the crowd we spotted various other Guzzis, including an older V7 (silver/blue), a 750 Targa, a new Stelvio, v100 Mandello which looked lovely and a couple on a Nevada, which seemed to be running a very hot clutch…given the bike traffic, there was a lot of clutch work, so hardly surprising.

It was a fantastic run, with thousands of people lining the bridges and road sides the whole route, clapping and waving. I think my son did more waving on Saturday than the Queen Mother did in a lifetime.

Hope all those that also did the run got home home safe.

Dan (& Ben)


It was very touching to see so many turn out. £60,000 raised for charity too. I did the Yorkshire run a few weeks back. It was great to see folks clapping and waving.

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Dave and SI are both very modest blokes, northern quality through and through, and are great ambassadors to motorcycling
even my Grandson who has no interest in motorcycles watched all of their programs, and he enjoys cooking with my daughter
going to miss Si
Barrow In Furness is a great place, been there a few times, every body is honest and straight with you
none of that Southern Yuppie showing off
or liek it is here in the Hamptons of England ( Cotswolds )