Dave Myers R.I.P.

Sad news Dave Myers of the Hairy Bikers passed away he was a fellow Moto Guzzi enthusiast his bike was a California EV 1100 a very nice chap.


I mirror your sentiments! he seemed like a nice genuine guy and advocate of the guzzi mark!- another one gone to soon! our thoughts are with his loved ones and friends!.


So sad. I loved his humour. He was one of the good guys.


He had a number of Guzzis of his own over the years beside the sponsored use of Guzzis in one series.

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A great character who will be sorely missed . Had the pleasure of meeting them in 2009 when they came to the Olympics site in London to record a show . True bikers .

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Yes he will be sorely missed, the only motorcycle program (sort of) that my wife would watch with me. RIP.

Dont reckon she was looking at the bikes! Cakes much more likely! :rofl:

He always came across as a genuine guy without arrogance or ego. He will be sadly missed, and only 66 years old, which isn’t “old” these days :slightly_frowning_face:
For those of us around his age it certainly makes me reflect on trying to do more of what we enjoy…