Daytona swing arm bushes

Putting a 93 Daytona back together at the moment how far do the bearings go in do they go flush with the swing arm or do the stick out about 1 mm put it altogether for the Scottish show to put it on the stand and broke the side plate so I think the bearings have to go in a tad further got another two side plates in the post so second time lucky all the best Derek .

I presumed the above post is aimed at me? I might be wrong but the model is is identified and the year also in the actual post ?

Well did any one put new bearings in a Daytona swingarm how far do they go in or do I have to annoy Baldrick again he just gets so grumpy must be fate helen and I saw a Daytona today on the Old Carbeth road .

Same swing arm as the Sport flush.
Complete pain to get out even with an internal bearing puller I had to get it red hot.

Had problems long story short had to take the rolling chassis up to Jim Allens there hopefully sorting the bearings out swingarm flopping about at the moment once back I can put the rest of the bike together to cold in the garage when putting the chassis together-5 getting to nippy roll on Spring ? .

Found the problem no spacers behind the bearings doesn’t show you them in the works manual no wonder the swingarm was flopping about wiring next air box then see if we can get the old girl running ?