De linking brakes

Any comments/ experience on here?

I was all up for de linking mine until I had an emergency stop and suddenly you realise how good the link system is

Hi Lemon, would echo T5’s sentiments but if you must, the standard Tonti system has the front and rear master cylinders sized to operate one and 2 discs respectively. There should be no problem detaching the pipe to the linked offside front brake at the splitter valve and plugging the port or even removing the valve and piping direct to the rear brake. The problem starts when connecting the handlebar lever to both front brakes. You will need to source a compatible master cylinder to operate the two brakes as the Guzzi one is undersized for this purpose, there are some rare Brembo front mcs around for Ducati, etc. but you will probably have to adapt a later Japanese one and source a manifold to suit. Best of luck.Cheers, Gerry.

Personal opinion
I love the guzzi linked sytem and have in 30 odd years never had a bike with standard system stop like a Guzzi does

so i would advise leave as standard

Lost count how many times I’ve been grateful to have the linked pedal only option available when needing to slow down or stop on the wet and greasy. Otherwise in good conditions you’re really supposed to use both together anyway, so no real difference. HTH

if you do decide to de-link make sure you can get insurance cover before you start modding

Don’t do it. Simples.

The only reason to de-link is IF you are going to use a bike for racing. On a road going older Guzzi the brakes are awesome especially in the wet you can stomp on the footbrake and it just STOPS I have outbraked many newer bikes in wet weather witht he V1000.

As has been mentioned you may find it difficult with insurance if you de-link

I couldn’t get on with the linked system, especially with the Cali rear brake lever so I de-linked mine.

I used a 15 mm bore front master cylinder and plumbed a separate flexible hose to each front caliper.

The rear master cylinder is unique and there doesn’t seem to be a smaller bore alternative so I modified the lever ratio on the pedal to exert more force on the cylinder.

I have declared the mods to my insurance company, along with many others, and there has been no problem.

The braking is excellent and, for me, more controllable. I now have the ability to use just the rear brake to steady the bike during low speed U turns.

I appreciate that my choice is purely down to personal preference but for me it was well worth doing and has achieved exactly what I had hoped for.

Funny how these things go full circle. When Guzzi introduced the linked braking system, they were hounded by the popular press, probably because the average journo had never tried it, it was different, thus bad. Now current legislation actually will require new bikes to have linked brakes (or ABS) for safety reasons, rather proving Guzzi to be right in the first pace.But each to their own.

gtm …theres ALWAYS one … (in jest mate )


Aye wen I were a lad there were nowt wrong wi’ catchin’ a rabbit in t’ front forks, than an’ good ‘obnailed boots stopped me bike evry time i needed to, failin’ that me uncl’ eee 'ad a old anchor 'ee threww out ifn ‘ee needed t’ stop right quick.guzzibear2013-05-31 11:55:28

My Cali stone only has a single front disk and hence no linking. I have always hankered after it (or just a bit more braking generally) and this desire only increased after I rode a friend’s Honda Deauville with, you guessed it, linked brakes. Are the bikes with linked brakes really that much harder to control during low speed manoeuvres?

have not noticed any drop off in low speed manoverability
i find if i am just slow pulling up to junction etc i use the front as standard
if slowing down from above 25 i will use thelinked rear

Theres more than one out there :)I delinked the brakes on my LM5 years ago and prefer it that way :)but then they are still linked on my LM4 and they are ok just nothing special in my opinion,If you do delink brakes you must consider uprating the fork springs otherwise they are way to soft to cope with the weight transfer you get.I modified a 14mm rear master cylinder from a kawasaki zx9 to operate the rear brake which meant fabricating a little bell crank arrangement like the original brembo to enable the original pedal which pulls down rather than pushes up, to be used :)I used the front master cylinder off a Bandit 600 which is if I remember right 16 mm, that works perfectly :slight_smile:

Keef Mayhem2013-06-08 11:34:44

My advice is do not de link them.As mentioned above in an emergency stop putting your right hoof down as hard as you can is the business.As for racing Doud Brauneck(?) had all 3 linked racing for Dr John.

This becomes a personal thing, but it does work very very well especially on the tourer/cruiser when fully loaded or in wet.

Many folk have initial problems with Cali’s and footboards BUT if you persevere get the gearchange set correctly FOR YOU and get used to popping a heel onto the spigot there for that very reason, it all works well.

It really is not different from getting used to swapping from an old Brit or italian bike with gear/brake on opposite sides and a modern one … it just takes time.

Heck I test rode a BMW and found their switch gear wierd but given time you would get used to it.