Dead battery?

I went on an hour or so run on my nine year old Cali the other day, stopped for half an hour and then ran another hour to the fuel station. Then not even a click. Initially a feint glow from the ignition light. Pulled all fuses and relays. Seemed fine. Recovery guy started the bike using jumps but it stopped when he took one lead off then ran again when he reconnected.

A Yuasa battery, so probably not the original? Have bought a new battery and wondered if anyone had any tips to check whether the charging is okay, rectifier etc.

Just back with a Guzzi after having an EV and foolishly selling it a few years back and buying a Doocattee.

When was the bike used last? Or battery charged. I found by experience they need riding or put a charger on every couple of weeks, certainly not longer than a month. If it’s a modern vehicle with an electronic dash there’s usually a parasitic drain, albeit small, but is discharging battery. Apologies if you already know this.

Once battery has been pushed too far in terms of how long you can leave it it’s often become scrap.

Reading the above again, it otherwise does seem like it’s not charging.

New battery on. Previous owner or Italian builder (difficult to differentiate) had used too short a bolt on the positive terminal and therefore glued the nut in…

Anyway now 14.81 volt at 3,000 rpm. Can I relax now?

DOH!!! Never have guessed that. :open_mouth: