Dead Griso - '06 G11

So my pal got his Griso MOT’d OK on Saturday. But then it died on his drive when he got home.

Can someone remind me what the symptoms are if the hose has popped off the fuel pump please … ? Lots of sloshing around in the tank?


Yep, that’s about it.

OK thanks, it won’t be too impressive if that is the problem - he has had the same shop fix this issue twice before.

Same shop fixed it last Wednesday. Failed last night out on the M25. This was after a weekend in France so I guess the timing could have been worse. Luckily I was riding point so didn’t notice. For info I’ll report back when we know the cause, looks suspiciously similar though.

Who you gonna call? Baldrick I’ve suggested.

If it is that notoriously difficult to make it stay fixed by all accounts, IIRC Delboy wired his up to something so it can’t move. It does not inspire confidence in the new technology though.

Well on the face of it he’s now suffered a failure with the fuel pump four times – once from the factory and then three failed attempts to fix it; all by the same shop. This may I suppose point to a gaping shortfall of luck, or more likely some pretty shoddy work by the shop in question. And it’s not a high mileage bike at all. I think most Griso riders mostly get by most of the time.

With my Griso it was a combination of appalling low engine speed snatch and the various odd electrical gremlins that left me wondering if it would go each time I went to start it. Modern technology hey? I replaced it with something more traditional – proper way up forks, twin shocks, (weatherproof) analogue clocks with mechanical odo and trip, carburetors. A 2007 ZRX1200. Sometimes the old ways are the best.