Dead griso 1100

Hi guys can anyone help, when I was riding home last week on a dual carriageway doing 60mph the bike’s engine just cut out :frowning:
It would crank over but not even try to start. Checked fuses and plenty of fuel in the tank. Any ideas please.


Does the Griso have the in-tank fuel filter? I’ve never owned one, but I believe they can split so that you end up with no fuel pressure.
Does the dash show fault codes?

Checked the diagnostics on the bike, no fault codes.

Yes the pump and filter are in-tank on this bike. Pop the fuel cap and then switch on - is the fuel all swirling around in there? I think that is a sign of an issue in that area. My pal has had four of this type of failure on his G11.

Thanks for the info I’ll have a check.


Had this on my Nevada.
As said, if the fuel swishies around as the pump primes when turning the ignition is initially turned on, it will either be a pump off, split pipe or rupture fuel filter which are all in the tank.


Turns out it was the fuel pump, pipe had come off :smiling_imp: now repaired and tested :smiley:

Thanks for your help guys
That’s why I love this forum :wink: