Dealer enquiry

All, thoughts please.

I live in Winchester, and have a few dealers near by. However, I don’t know how well they all are. I will potentially be being a new bike toward the end of the year.

One of the dealers, in Gillingham, is offering a free lifetime, unlimited mileage warranty on all bikes bought over 750cc.This seems attractive to me, as I cover between 20 -25k a year. Their caveat being that all servicing has to be done by them.

I also have Deardens in Southampton, Fowlers in Bristol, and a small independent in Chichester. I assume that these are able to offer the extra two year warranty on new bikes.

Has anyone had any dealings with the dealers mentioned?


Hi Kev, I might be up for a new V100 next year depending on a test ride (rather than any specification), but I would make it my business to talk at length to the dealer owner before I trusted them enough to give them my hard(ish) earned cash.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

Hi Kev,

The one in Gillingham is MotoCorsa. They are very well known, but the guy that started it and knows Guzzis well is no longer in the business day to day. Also bear in mind that their service centre isn’t in Gillingham , it is in Ashmore, a bit south of Shaftesbury. I used them for years, and they were basically OK albeit expensive, however since a large injection of cash they have got bigger and more corporate, and most importantly for me, the service centre is not open on Saturdays any more. Hence I no longer use them. Having said that, if that deal is for real, and you don’t mind going to Ashmore, it sounds really good.
Fowlers are a very big dealer, but if you go there, the Guzzis are a very small part of their business, and I don’t get much enthusiasm. I would buy a Triumph from them, but probably not a Guzzi, just a personal opinion. They are also supposed to be the UK spares operation for Guzzi, but if you look at their website, they don’t have much actually in stock. I just had a to buy a part from Germany as I couldn’t find it in the UK.

I don’t know the other two.