Dealer service or not.

2022 850 V7 Stone with 3100 miles. Last serviced in May 2023 and has since covered just over 2200 miles. Annual service is due to validate warranty.
It’s not the almost £300 cost for what is, little more than an oil change, as much as spending the whole day sitting about waiting for the bike to cool down enough for the work to be done. The dealer’s insurance won’t cover me for a loan bike due to the number of candles on my birthday cake (76) and due to worn out hips I can’t go for a long walk, or even a short one. Last year they quoted £200 for a collection and delivery service (17 miles each way). Do I risk the need for the remaining six months of warranty against the convenience of a DIY oil and filter change in my own garage?

Id be tempted not to use them based on the £200 collection/delivery charge, thats just taking the p**s .
I`m pretty sure that the warranty would still be valid if the service was done at any competent workshop so is there one nearer to you ? Perhaps check if the warranty is still valid if you do the work and keep receipts and perhaps video yourself doing it.
Alternatively if you stick with the dealer why not ride it there, get a lift or taxi home and do the reverse when its ready.
If you have a tow bar you can rent a trailer for less than £50 a day or a van for around £100 I believe.

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I had my Stelvio dealer serviced from new, there were a few small issues sorted out under warranty, but when it needed the cams changed I was able to get the parts from the factory free of charge as I had a full service history, even though the bike was eight years old.

I ride it to Chelmsford or Cambridge (they no longer do Guzzis) I have had a 1000 Suzuki demonstrator and a Grisso on loan when the bike was under warranty , last year I took it to Baldrick’s and he leant me his BMW GS.

Maybe ask them if they have a demonstrator that they can let you have, it is worth a try.

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I was in a similar position regarding my service last year in my 2022 V7. I’d had the first service done the first year but had only done about 3500 miles before the next ‘annual service’ was due. I delivered the bike 45 mins to Exeter’s SP Motorcycles the supplying dealer and basically got an oil and filter change for about £220. No valves done as it hadn’t covered the milage to warrant a check (despite the fact that it’d probably take them all of 30 mins and the bike had been dropped of the night before).

Galling to have to pay dealer prices for something I could easily do myself just to keep up the warranty, though SP are actually quite reasonable compared to some and seem to do a good job to be fair.

Suffice to say I’ll be doing all the servicing myself now it’s out of warranty and it’ll be a doddle compared to the valve-shim service on my two Ducatis and one of the main reasons I bought it :wink:.

i get the bus, you can get the bus for free?

A trailer Hmmm I have one in shed but the V7 is a fair bit too heavy for me to load these days.
Bus??? yes it’s free for me if only there was one to where I need to go. I could walk to the station and take a shuttle train to the junction and then another train to a town and then a bus to the road near the dealership. If, by some miracle everything runs as it should, the journey time is two hours each way. I think their quoted transportation price is short hand for “go away”.
I have opted for a service at the dealers which is something like £285. I said “that’s a lot of money for an oil change” , but was quckly informed that they also carry out a nut and bolt check as well. So that’s OK.
Meanwhile, today I shall be in my garage working on my 1998 Yamaha XJ600n. New clutch friction plates and release bearing (old bearing is sound but while I’m in there I might as well get it done) Oh! and yes a new oil filter and oil.

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