Decent Horns . . . where to put them?

Decided it was time to fit decent Horns to my Stelvio, the factory one is a bit lame for such an ‘imposing’ Bike! :blush:
Actually, it’s the first ‘mod’ I do whenever I get a Bike, far too many dopey drivers on the Roads . . .
Got a pair of the Fiamm types. Only place I could find to mount them (neatly) was in the Fairing Ducts.
It meant trimming off a small section of the ‘Horn’, but I doubt it’ll make much (if any) difference to the sound produced.
I also cut out a couple of 4mm Rubber Sheet Washers, and Epoxied them to the Horn back, to spread the load over more area of the inner panel where they’re mounted.

For the other side, I made up a couple of rectangular plates from 2.5mm Ally Sheet, bonded on some of the same Rubber Sheet, and added a ‘Penny’ Washer for good measure.
Because of the thickness of all the parts, and the panel, I had to machine up some hollow Bolts, internally threaded to 6mm, as the Stud on the Horns isn’t long enough to go through and get a Nut on.
They’re turned down from some old Seat Belt Anchor Bolts.

They’re good and secure, just need to wire them up next . . .

All wired up through the Relay now, nicely loud!

Also re-wired the Headlights so both High-Beams come on.
Had to use a couple of relays to do it, but working now.