deep splined clutch

Hi does any one know when guzzi started fitting the deep splined clutch plates as standard fitting ??

In April of 1989 Moto Guzzi introduced a new plate (30e8-44+g) and five-speed input hub (30081810) with much deeper splines, making for almost twice the contact area. The update applies to Califomia IIIs starting with engine number VT 032542, Mille GTs from VT 024596, and LeMans 1000s starting with number VV 016375. The new spline is approximately 4-mm deep while the original was 2mm

Thanks for that it clears up my problem my bike is just on the change …

I’ve just changed over to deep splines. Stein dense do a kit with friction plates, intermediate and splined boss with tab washer at a very good price. According to Guzziology the boss is treated with an impregnated lubricant to reduce wear -but should I put a smear of grease on too?

dont want anything near the friction plates,i wouldnt

If any grease gets to the friction playes you will be ripping it apart again, It is a good idea when you do replace the clutch to get the deep splines, work better although many manuals suggest greasing the splines they also suggest it is graphite grease. I actually tried that and was not happy, soooo after that I literally rub a marking pencil onto the splined, one of those thick ones it puts graphite on them and NO grease.

You can get a squeezy bottle of graphite powder for a couple of sovs - very good for locks and things where you want some sort of slipperant but no gloopy sticky liquidy spready greasy stuff.

Not to be confused with graphene which is a tad more expensive…Mad Farquhar2013-01-18 20:14:59

I’ve just fitted a new plates and a deep splined hub to my LM4, Guzzibits do a kit with all the bits for a very reasonable £1522 friction plates, steel plate, hub & tab washer.:-)very happy with the quality and delivered in 2 days :slight_smile: