Deep sump on a 1997 SPORT 1100 Injection

Hi - I’m doing my first oil change on a '97 Sport 1100 which has modifications by previous owners including a deep sump and external oil filter. When I’ve regularly checked the dipstick the oil level has been fine so I was surprised when I drained only 2.6 litres of oil (including filter) - the manual says it should be ‘about 3.5 litres’… I’ve replaced the filter and put in 3.3 litres of oil and the dipstick reads well above ‘Max’ mark so I’m uncertain as to what type of sump I have. Any ideas or thoughts welcome!

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can’t tell you anything more about oil capacity for your bike than the manual does, but with regard to ‘sump extensions’ these two general points:

  • generally a sump extension does not provide for extra oil (over and above the normal fill amount) - but I’d be after identifying what sump extension you actually have fitted and its spec (in that regard)

  • generally a sump extension requires the employment of an extended oil dip stick - again, don’t know what you have but common advice in such circumstances (after establishing oil reqd for your bike w. sump fitted) is to fill as per manual and add your own “fill to here” mark

hope this helps somewhat

Thank you for your helpful thoughts and advice.

Comparing it to pictures in the manual, I’m not even sure if my sump is significantly deeper than standard. If anyone can identify my sump extension I would be pleased to know…

1100 Sport had a sump extension as standard, the replacement one you have with the external oil filter appears to be the same depth and so the standard dip stick should be ok with the correct max and min levels.

The best way to check is to drain the oil and refill with the correct volume as given in the workshop manual here
“Oil required: 3 litres of Mobil 1 - 5W50”

Hi and thanks for the response and link. The sump extension looks exactly like mine except mine has an external oil filter.
My workshop manual is slightly different as my Sport 1100 is the injection model (I missed off the ‘I’ in the title). Maybe mine was converted from the carburettor model - it’s had a lot of modifications.

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Its unlikely to have been converted as there would be a lot of expensive work to do, like add an ecu, fuel pump, fuel filter, crankshaft sensor (probably a replacement flywheel), camshaft sensor etc etc