Dellorto MAF15 B1 Carb parts for Zigolo 98

Can anyone advise me of a supplier here or in Italy please? Parts I need are not available from Eurocarb any longer. Carb is flooding . Bike starts but will not run. Help needed. Has anyone restored an example with issues? Anyone have a known good carb they no longer require?

Maybe not the answer you want, but when I couldn’t get parts for an MB22 on my little Ducati, I swapped to a modern PH style carb from Eurocarb. Not super expensive but obviously needed setting up to suit the motor.

Looking at the Eurocarb diagram, it looks like they have a selction of float needles available, I’m not sure if your one is one of those still available.
My Stornello has a similar float arrangement where the pin shuts off the fuel suppy when the float rises. Have a very thorough examination of the end of the float and the recess that it rises up into, chances are that it is a bit worn with age. Some very careful work with a fine drill bit may clean up the recess to allow it to seat properly.
If you need parts, then try Teo Lamers, Stucchi Luigi, Guzzi Retro etc.
Another possible is that you might find a scooter that uses a similar carb and there are usually plenty of spares available for them in this country.

Thank you for responding. My MAF parts diagram from Eurocarb shows only one float needle , part number 2117. They no longer have the needle, float or float top needle clip. The float itself is fine and shows no holes/leaks. Ideally I guess we need a NOS working/float cap cover part number 2604 and the aformentioned needle. Will ask the folks you have mentioned if they can supply.

If you do Facebook, there is a guy inthe Guzzi Singles group, selling 3 Zigolo carbs, worth a look.