DFDS Promo code

Does anyone know the DFDS Ferry promo code

If you do send it by pm to avoid problems.

Try this site for some good deals DFDS Seaways Voucher Code for August 2022 - VoucherCodes

The club DFDS discount is shown as 10% in the mag. If you are over 60 anyone gets 20% off on the DFDS Newhaven Dieppe route - yes i know you are Ian.
If you want to use Brittany Ferries to France I have a code that will get you 10% off but their fares are higher and the crossing is a lot longer, but their ferries are quite nice though.

I even got a discount going into a WW1 airfield on Saturday and should have been 65+ to get it.
And then someone else paid that which is the best discount of course.

Grazie, Now I will be happy to be over 60

Being over 60 means no prescription fees, mortgage paid off because army pension kicked in.
Can afford to leave my job and still live, do rallies etc.
I ain’t complaining.

Don’t forget the bus pass, handy when the bike breaks down

I am not yet eligible for that or the winter fuel allowance.

Some one should tell DFDS that their offers are shite
I usually use them as I prefer Dunkirk as a kick off point
I entered the club details, and the time I want and guess what, its exactly the same as if I enter the site without signing in?
I tried some on line voucher codes to give me a 30 percent discount and belgian beer
code not accepted
I would have tried the channel tunnel but its fully booked
I have a suspicion that all of the channel crossing sites run a cartel as they prices always seem to be much the same

60 £ newhaven Dieppe,return,no codes,no hassel,no bullshit.No left turns,no right turns,just straight ahead.Less if over 60yrs old,they will be going out f buisness at these prices.DFDS ,stands for ,Dead Ferkin Derisary Sums.

Sounds like you getting excited about the May trip - not long now and we will be cruising those fantastic empty and open French roads again :sunglasses:

See you soon