Dipstick Position Cali 1100

I know this has been asked before but despite a search can’t find it

Is the engine oil level taken with the dipstick screwed in or on the top of the threads.

Owners manual is ambiguous!!


On my 2004 Cali EV it was with the dipstick screwed in.

on my cali 1100i dipstick screwed in. also that was the same on my cali 3 (948cc)

On all Guzzi’s that I know of you screw it in.

Right men - screwed in it is - TA

unless it’s a Breva 1100, in which case it’s with the dipstick not screwed in - and am I glad I remembered that last weekend, because I was thinking my oil was halfway between the limits, when it was actually about to fall below the minimum