Dipstick position.

I’m going to do an oil and filter change on my recently acquired 1980 850 t3/monza sidecar. I have a workshop manual but it’s a bit vague regarding the procedure for checking the oil level,can’t figure if it means I check the level by screwing the dipstick all the way back in,or as I did on my last guzzi just as far as the thread start? The manual covers the v1000g5,850 le mans 11,1000sp and my own 850 t3.Every bike I’ve had including a few guzzis,I’ve always just removed the dipstick and checked in the unscrewed position.I just don’t want to leave it low on oil so thought I’d ask and make a complete fool of myself!!

Workshop manual says “dipstick (A) must be fully screwed.”

Page 7:


Or, not screwed in BUT add depth of thread to where oil comes to on dipstick rod.

Appendix (edit): always did mine as per screwed in.