Disc differences?

Can anyone tell me the difference between the discs on a cast wheel Convert and a wire wheel one?

Have a read of a previous threads. lots on the subject. It looks complicated!Spacersor spacers 2

Don-Spada2012-08-05 22:49:18

From memory the web on the disc is longer on the cast as opposed to the wire, I remember they were spaced differently too.

Oh this is a spacing / distancing question?

Ok, I’ve read the postings and am now totally confused!My wheels are supposed to be from a T3.Now, I’ve read about spacers and bearing carriers being different on different bikes - so much so that I’m now not sure what is different on what! Can someone with more knowledge tell me what I need to do?It seems to me that the carriers might be a little too wide for my Convert discs now, do I change the discs or do I get the carriers modified?The spacer seems to space the whole lot a few mm to the near side this could be rectified by shortening the spacer a tad, or by modifying the carriers. (one more than the other)Is there someone on here who has actually done the modification who can tell me exactly what they did.I haven’t looked at the back wheel yet. I was under the impression that I just needed the top hat spacer. Is this correct or will I find my rear disc wrong as well?Bloody wire wheels!

I’m guessing it’s the carrier depth that’s the issue

I keep forgetting T3 had spokes, maybe find T3 discs & / or carriers. Maybe

My wire wheels came with carriers which I presume means they are T3 too. I have some worn T3 discs so I will try and see if that makes any difference. The wheel will still be off centre though.

I have the wire wheels on my V1000/convert/g5 and I did put cast wheels on it

BUT I had to buy cast wheels AND the discs and spacers

The discs have longer webs on them so they are not easily swappable.

The T3 wire wheels are the same as far as I know as I did borrow a T3 front wheel a long time ago it fitted straight on.

Converts and G5 did have the option of cast OR spoked wheels. Either fits BUT needs to be a complete unit or else you are going to have to do so much work to alter spacing/carriers etc it is really not worth the effort.

To sum up

Spoked wheels complete with discs and a spacer fit easily.

Cast wheels and discs with spacer fit easily

To swap and then try to alter the disc and spacer is just too much hassle.

The frame forks etc are the same as on a T3 and T3 Cali … as are the disc calipers.

I just bought the front discs from Pete at reboot to fit the cast wheels. it was far far easier than messing about.

The alignment is crucial for handling AND the calipers to work on the discs there is not much clearance thro the forks and associated mudguards to mess about buddy.guzzibear2012-08-06 21:28:00

I have just been out and checked the discs by laying them on a flat surface, side by side - there is no difference in height.I then replaced my cast wheel with convert discs to see what the gaps were between discs and forks.It seems to me that when I put the convert discs on the wire wheel the total gap is the same but is just bigger on the off side.If I put a slightly shorter spacer on the off side this will even the gaps, won’t it? It is only a matter of a couple of mm or so. Not measured it accurately yet.

I would imagine

He sez tentatively …

If you put the wire wheel in the forks you need to measure from the rim (outer) to the forks to see id the actual wheel is sitting in the centre of the forks (where it must)
ther should be no reason for having the disc spaced different left and right