Discs for V50 1982 - where can these be found as new items?

I suspect the answer is that they are no longer manufactured.

Can anyone recommend a good engineering workshop within 50 miles of Stamford PE8 who can skim the existing discs?


How bad are they? Because that will make them thinner, and there is a minimum thickness. Don’t know about the small blocks but from memory on the big blocks the difference from new to minimum wasn’t a lot.

there are companies that will drill out the rivets and fit a new disc to the rotor

I bought stainless steel discs from HMB in Germany for my 950S but I am not sure if they stock V50 discs see here

To answer my own question ('cause I had to look it up for another similar query) for the big block models (where stated in workshop manual) new thickness, around 6.2mm, minimum thickness, 5.8mm. Still don’t know what it is for the small blocks discs but can’t be too different.(?)

The discs are available new from Gutsibits, but £160 each and special order. They have them secondhand for between £36 and £75.

The minimum thickness is 5.8mm

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There’s several companies that make custom discs often comparable price to originals. ISR Custom Motorcycle Brake Discs | Special, one-off discs made to measure for instance.