Dispense with distributor?

I saw a bike build write-up which managed to dispense with the distributor but had no information about what ignition system was used, or how it was triggered.
Does anyone know what it might have been?

can get one that fits on front of crank shaft inside alternator cover will see what i can find

From reading the recent post on a California 3 with electonic ignition, they have no distributor. The pick up’s must be on the flywheel or the alternator.Cali 3 Electronic ignitionNot sure if you could transplant this system onto your LeMans, or if it is too deeply intertwined with the injection engine management system?Unless you fancy an injection Le_mans? then you could transplant the whole lot.
Don-Spada2012-11-22 20:29:46

lost copy paste so cannot put you a link up bloody pain inbottomit is sent you pm to email me

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cheers don your way works
Ex smokingbiker2012-11-22 21:29:41

That looks promising, thanks very much

The daft thing is the ORG system works fine with very little adjustment needed. Over 200k miles and 3 sets of points is NOT that extreme.

The distrubuter works fine with some of the aftermarket 'lektrikery ingishuns as well.

Look at the price of their relayshttp://www.elektronik-sachse.de/phpshop25/shop/USER_ARTIKEL_HANDLING_AUFRUF.php?darstellen=1&Kategorie_ID=51&PEPPERSESS=e98ed259f43c055d641a35e749688baf&kat_last=51&kat_aktiv=51