Dissimilar metals - exhaust / silencer

The new project (V50 Mk2) has pretty scabby exhausts (understatement) but quite nice chromed silencers which I want to retain for the moment. Question to any materials geeks out there: will using 304 stainless pipes with chromed, presumably mild steel, silencers cause any problems with either materials?

In '88 my LM111 silencers rotted through.
Keihins SS replacements were almost half the cost of genuine rot very quickly items so that is what i bought.
Never had any problems.

I used Lafranconi’s and others with a stainless crosspipe (and downpipes) for some years, no probs.

Phew! Just ordered some expensive bent st/st tubing.

Problee a bit of copper grease at the joint to stop the steel rusting and help get them off easier later.

When I did my first service on my LM in '84 a passing vehical mechanic asked me what I was doing.
On being told he wnt and purloined a tube of copperslip for me and said ‘use it everywhere you will want to dismantle except in the engine and gearbox’.
Excellent advice I have always followed and yes I do use in on plastic like lenses etc.

Don’t use it on wheel spindles, the bearings don’t like it.

Agreed, it is an aid to disassembly not a lubricant. If it moves LM grease.
If you don’t want it to come udone Locktite.
If you want to undo it in the future copperslip.
And High temperature grease on axles, drive box and clutch, do not overdo it.

Thanks gentlemen - maybe we should stop there before it turns into a lub-fest thread. :blush: