Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - Poole/Bournemouth


I took part in this charity event today - a great day out in aid on prostate cancer and mental health awareness. And the weather was perfect!

There were some Guzzis there - 2 white 1971 V7 Specials, one being ridden by Howard who is a new member to the club, plus some more modern V7s. There was also a Breva and a Griso that I spotted.

Anyone else on here take part today?


Yes Jim, I did the Bristol one on my GTV. Likewise, beautiful weather and nice company, I always meet pleasant folk on the DGR, usually not what you would call bikers in the normal sense. However I did have a chat with a stalwart of this club, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your name, sorry.
I am surprised how few of my motorcycling chums know about it especially as most of them are in the frame for prostate trouble.

I certainly spent time chatting to you and admiring your lovely bike . I was on the yellow V50 . Really like taking part in this event , as 3 1/2 years ago the fantastic team at Southmead Hospital saw me through the op for prostate cancer . Nice to be able to raise a few bob for the cause while enjoying a good day out too .
Did you go yo the after party at the brewery ?

I dropped in on the Cambridge run on my way back from the Really Rally.

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Ray, yes of course, sorry. I had a breakdown on the way home which must have knocked a lot of the good memories of day out of my mind. I didn’t attend the after party, are they a good do? It was great chatting, we appear on a couple of the ‘official’ photos on the Bristol Facebook page. In one, we are trying to understand the technicalities of taking photos on the new fangled iPhone! Same place next year?

Sorry to hear your journey home didn’t go well .
Was it fixable or did it need Auntie Carols van ? Didn’t go to the event , going to a brewery on a bike would have been a bit dangerous. Certainly hope to still be in Bristol and still riding for next year. Cheers