Distributor spanner

I was amazed to see the buy it now price on this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-LEMANS-1-2-3-SPADA-T3-DISTRIBUTOR-TIMING-TOOL/383588090754?hash=item594fa1c382:g:cwMAAOSwnTBepA~1

I made mine for nothing!

I just used a short 13mm ring spanner when I did the distributor gasket on mine the other week. Maybe I’ve got slim wrists, but couldn’t see the need for it.

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Blimey right I’m off to get a mig welder some spanners and steel tube and make a mint on eBay :laughing:

Got mine from Motomecca OK must be around 30+ years ago, still wouldn’t have cost that much now.

Motomecca ! A blast from the past. Clapham wasn’t it. That’s where I used to get my stuff.

I guess they disappeared long ago. I wouldn’t notice as I’ve not had a bike for 35 years …

They moved to Wimbourne in Dorset.

Moto Mecca were actually at Three Cross, near to Ringwood, and shared premises with Moto Corsa. Then they moved to their present location at Ashmore near Shaftesbury. The two companies have now amalgamated and the spares are under the Moto Corsa banner.

Not seen the new premises, have been to the 3-legged X ind. estate a few times. I also remember the Clapham shop, “quaint” wasn’t in it, :smiley: then also Rotadale as it became called after the partners split, that’s where I got my LM.

Have you considerd going into business, making odd spanners ?

The market is too small, just like the wiring diagrams I produce, would not keep me and Karen to the standard of living she desires! The other problem is that I no longer run the drawing office of a steel fabrication works, so the tools and materials required are no longer to hand.

Same tool, different seller 1/3 price! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293651563372?ul_noapp=true

The ebay specials are still there, at £28 or thereabouts.

I bought these, on the basis that a) it will do the distributor job (and it does) and b) you never know what else you might need them for, and c) they looked nice.


They are well made, feel solid & weighty, and certainly don’t flex in use.

One unsatisfactory point. They do not have the “indent” within the square for the sprung ball on the extension bar to engage in. They’re all the same, so I guess it’s a “feature”. As it’s a b++++y nuisance to reach in to retrieve the crowsfoot if it falls off, I added an indent using a small grindstone and my Proxxon power tool.

Can anyone tell if these are still available? Apologies Chrisfor posting this question within this thread, but the originator of this post used to produce them.

There was one on eBay recently for £75. I made my own for nothing from scrap (pictures in the first post). You would be better to take a ring spanner and some steel rod to someone who can weld and give them £10.00 for a few minutes welding!

If I see the one on eBay again I will post it on here but I think £75 is far too much for what it is.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233988929345?hash=item367ad3b741:g:NL8AAOSwEndfEWnT The price has come down to £27.50 :smiley:

I’d still go with a set of crows feet for 20 quid, than a single spanner for 27 and a half…