DIY Pannier Straps.

Wanted to put this in the miscellaneous section, but there’s no ‘Post New Topic’ button on that section . . .Â

Decided it was time to have some carrying straps for the Panniers on my Stelvio, got fed up with carrying them by the Latch Loops! I always opt for making stuff myself if possible.
 Got some inch webbing from B&Q (think Home Depot if you’re in the U.S.), a length of Seatbelt, and some 3/4" Velcro.
Had the Belt and Velcro already, webbing cost £7.
 Daughter has a nice Bernina Sewing Machine (ask your Wife/GF/Granny), that’s all I needed . . .




Nice solution, I bought a pair of flight case handles, these do the trick too. Silicon around the bolt holes to stop water ingress and an aluminium plate on the inside the length and a bit wider than the handle. They are sprung loaded so sit flat when not in use.

They look good!
Was thinking of something like that before I decided on the Straps.

Sealed mine as well a couple of days ago, in preparation for a trip to Jersey this weekend, got a feeling I’ll be properly testing out the waterproofing . . . :unamused: