Do you own (or have owned) one of these??

Greetings everyone

I’m doing an article for the next edition of Gambalunga concerning Guzzi’s long and proud history…

I am looking for rider/owner ‘feedback’ in relation to the following motorcycles; Dondolino, Alce, Cardellino, Nuovo Falcone, V11 Sport, Daytona 1000 and Griso.

If you’re the proud owner of one, or have owned or ridden one in the past, I’m seeking literally just a few sentences about an aspect of the owning/riding experience which you remember either fondly or otherwise.

Please don’t reply on here but send an email to Alternatively you could write to me, the details are in Gambalunga.

Deadline is mid-April.

All entries will be credited, here’s your chance to get involved with your Club magazine!

Michael Howers
Editorial Assistant, Gambalunga.

Hi All

I’ve had an excellent response in relation to the Cardellino, Daytona 1000 and (super) Alce.

A few words from owners or riders of the other bikes mentioned would still be welcomed, especially the Falcone and Nuovo Falcone.

Michael Howers

Graham Hempshall or maybe Gordon De Le Mare would be the guys to approach about a Dondolino. I’m not aware that they ever graces these pages, but I can provide an email for Graham if you need. Gordon is on facebook.

Thanks, I’ll contact Graham directly.


You should have my Griso grizzles by now.


I am pretty sure Serena has both a Falcone and a Nuovo Falcone.

Also I have a feeling that Julian Franck bought a Nuovo a couple of years ago?