dodgy trip computer

I just got a Bellagio and the trip computer malfunctions. At first all lights speedo and most displays worked OK but I could get no response from the “SET” button so could not change between the various trip indications of speed time fuel etc. and couldnt get up the menu. Twiggers looked into it and got the same response but when they temporarily fitted a Griso indtrument cluster all seemed to work. So conclusion was switch and wiring OK but cluster NBG. Since then I have started getting intermittent response to this button and have got the menu up on screen and set the clock which was not working. However the response to the button is only short lived so can’t get any further and the trips only show average mpg or current mpg. Any ideas? Any knowledge of anyone who can apply more expertise? I believe the seller will honour the warranty but at around £600 for a new cluster would hope to get it fixed more cheaply but am in no rush as ,personally, I never use the trip features

Hi Pete, could be as simple as moisture in the bottom of the instrument pod, (is it raining, how unusual). Had a similar problem on the Breva 1100 and it was solved by opening the pod, drilling a couple of 1/8 drainage holes at the low points and using electrical cleaner on the board, this also reduced the condensation on the screens.Cheers, Gerry.

Those push switches are known to be problematic. I would check the simple, cheaper stuff first. Spray some electrical contact cleaner such as Servisol into the switch housing and operate it a few times.If that doesn’t do anything, look out for a second hand one from a breaker perhaps? Second hand dash could be a possibilty too.